Alpenstock Description

Alpenstock Detergent promo rev2Experience the American premier of  Alpenstock  by French playwright Remi de Vos.  This outrageous physical-theatre satire exposes the world of Fritz and Grete, who live an apparently idyllic ultra-conservative life, until Grete buy’s “foreign” detergent at The Cosmopolitan Market. Suddenly an enticing foreigner penetrates and disrupts their predictable world. Contains seduction, slapstick and genocide.

Alpenstock is theatrically delicious, intellectually nutritious and just plain funny. It fillets issues of relevance and urgency, serving them in a spicy sauce of visceral, absurd humor rarely seen in American theatre.

Friday July 5th at 8:00 PM, Saturday July 6th at 9:30, Sunday July 7th at 3:30 PM at New School of Architecture and Design, 1249 F Street in Downtown San Diego.

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